18 November, 2009

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22 April, 2009

Violent Thieves

Iddrisu Rahaman

This guy is back online. He's a nasty piece of work giving Moslems a bad name.
We know that he has enticed a guy to Tema, beat him up and robbed him. How many more people has he attacked who are too scared to tell their stories? Catch him on Hi5.com

Manjam: rahaman4real
Location: Tema, community 1

Email: iddrisu4u@yahoo.com

Alphonse Ayitey Kokou

He claims to be Ghanaian but he's actually a Francophone. He is 'waiting2see' on GayRomeo.

After sending his nude pictures, his victim rushed to meet him at Christian Village (online he often claims to be from Achimota). Alphonse and his gang slapped the guy around, insutled and robbed him.

Check him on

Emails: alphonse_ayitey@hotmail.com bisharko@yahoo.com
Tel: +233 245 20 15 92

11 April, 2009

Deceivers and Money Boys

Our deceivers are serious scammers who will win your confidence then ask you to send large sums of money.
Our money boys are the amauteurs who try their luck.
Hey we all need help from time to time and there's no harm in asking, right? When you've been with your partner for a long time it's good to help each other out but the money guys are too fast to request money.

You may notice someone has disappeared off our website. The third name from this report which mentions Michael and Godwin and..
We have also temporarily deleted the information on how to spot a fake visa. It seems that not everyone has the spirit to help others avoid scams, so we have had pressure put on us to remove this information. 
If anyone is scammed by this individual please contact us, not to help the person who wants to protect him, but to help other potential victims of this blackmailer and scammer.
It is also important to break all contact with a scammer you have had an emotional relationship with. It is well known that many people start to feel sorry for the criminal once they get back into dialogue and start the relationship again!

Peter Zuma Myers / Timmy Jones

A gang based in the UK, Ghana & Nigeria

Peter, Timmy or whatever his real name is weaved an elaborate
story involving his father's inheritance, being arrested at the airport, car crashes and a voodoo priest.
The pictures are probably fake but he uses them on his profiles.

Profiles he is using on different websites are peterluvmyers, zumapetermeyers, gayintimmy.
He currently appears to be active on adam4adam as zumapetermeyers and is claiming to be in

Bishopscote, Luton, UK.

He says he is 33, 5'9" tall, 198lbs with a 32" waist.

Last locations Lagos and Accra & Tema in Ghana.

Phone numbers he's using; UK +447508591988
Ghana +233541053571
Nigeria +2348071476315, +2347066842808
Email: zumapetermyers@hotmail.com
Messenger: MSN zumapetermyers@hotmail.com

Yahoo: peterluvmyers@yahoo.com & zumapetermyers@yahoo.co.uk

Second name used: Timmy Jones

Email: jonestimmy@gmail.com & gayintimmy@yahoo.com


Williams O Adeleke, 14 Abibuoki, Lagos Island district 23.

Maureen Cole, claimed to work with South African High Commission.
Email: maureencole86@yahoo.com

Barrister Mensah Coscharis, Ghana: +233541230755 & +2348037550491
Email address: eleruah_one@yahoo.com

Jay Adeyemi, the Bank account holder in the UK and used for transferring money
Email: g2oke@yahoo.co.uk

Jesley Saroy, Assist of the judge in Ghana

Email: saroj17450@yahoo.com

His uncle in the UK, David Michaels, 86 Mersa House, 104 Harts Lane, Barking Essex, UK

Voodoo Priest Baba, Oré, Ondo state, Nigeria, +2348069065675

Jerry Sellasie Email: jerrysellasie@yahoo.com, +233277685784 & +2348051214227

Philip Andoh Tarqwa,
Email: tarqwatak_companies@yahoo.co.uk


Shadrach Owusu

Shadrach's recent scam involved gold and a 'crisis' at the airport with a request to send money urgently!

As shad508 on gayromeo he writes:

"Hello MY SWEET THINGS,I'm 23yrs guy looking for a someone to love...please email me(shad508@yahoo.com).THERE IS MORE MOTION IN THE OCEAN...KISSES"

Oh wait, he's turned into a woman at:
collarme where
he writes:

"Hello MY
SWEET THINGS,I'm 25yrs lady looking for a someone to love...please email me(shad508@yahoo.com).THERE IS MORE MOTION IN THE OCEAN...KISSES"

Well, looking at his pics at Hi5, he looks like a good Christian boy. So what do you pray for in church Shad - or do you thank your god for the opportunities he gives you to scam innocent people?

Benjamin Tetteh

Ben has recently deleted all his profiles claiming people are using them to scam! Hmmmmm....I think you deleted them cause we caught you! Anyway keep your eyes open in case he starts again.
He used to be fuckingass4u on gayromeo and gaydar.

There are doubts whether Ben
is really gay or not. For example, on a discussion about what attracts white women to black men at Topix (user name 'seriously seeking'), he writes:

"am a gentle,honest,sexy ,romantic black guy seeking for a white woman to be with for the rest of my life,,,"

In his gay identity he wrote to one of our undercover investigators:

"i have been in this game all my lif
have lots of whites who we can tackle them massively..but now want to hit real big money."

And this is what was reported from someone who came to Ghana to meet him.

He "pretended that the police were after us got my camera and 200 cds as bribe then pretended to get me out of the country and scamming for the 3500 aust. dollars to buy him a ticket to come to australia and escape the police. i offered to pay for the ticket - not send money- but the offer was refused; my main problem is that i came and gave so much and then he tried for more. i set up a recording studio in tamale for him and his future and he tried to rip me off."

Ben has also got a very bad reputation for requesting money and gifts.

Lives in Tema Yahoo id: emashipintin
Tel +233 207 40 80 59

Alfred Nageh

Also known as freeda on gayromeo and nageh766 on gaydar and on hi5:

Some reported that he can be violent but this has not been confirmed.

Being 'gay' is mostly his bu
siness which he uses to request money for a sick sister or other such things.

Yahoo: alfred.nageh@yahoo.com
Tel: +233 277 24 90 50

David Tumawu

He is currently why-me on gayromeo and am_honest_david at gaylog but he likes to change his profile on a regular basis.

Has now progressed to 419 scams.

Lives at Praku apparently with his grandfather.
Just wants money.

Yahoo ID: david_tumawu (Yahoo seems to have deleted his account after his 419 messages!)
Tel: +233 278 02 19 86


Another guy who changes his profile all the time.

He was recently boy_b
ruce2005 on gayromeo and boy_bruce2005 on gaydar but seems to be off line right now.

He tells stories that he is orphan since his parents died in a car acci
dent. He then requests money and if you don't send it becomes very angry.

yahoo ID: element1100


This guy loves to keep changing his profiles!

He has four profiles on http://www.blkgaychat.com/

fittest_lad and cute_as_hell seem to be active.
Interestingly, he has suspended fitt
est_lad as "i finally got someone on this page and i wanna stay with him foreever" BUT he has kept his other profile on the same site, cute_as_hell, is still active!

His other two are: loli_pop4you and fit_as_fuck

He tells stories about accidents, robbery, e
tc.in order to request money, Don't waste your time.

Yahoo ID: sexyhotguy10

Nathaniel Abayateye

Aka Frank

Lives in Tema.
gayslim4u on gaydar. He used to sell 'traditional medicines for penis enlargement' for which you should pay in advance by Western Union!

yahoo ID: the_boy_frank

Richard Neewhang

Reports came in that he request 150 Euro for school fees and pretended that he collect funds for an orphanage.

He said he had already blackmailed a guy who was cheating him and wasn;t serious. He could just be bragging but take care.
If anyone has pics please send them.

Lives in Kaneshie.

prickson3 on bgclive.com
Yahoo ID: neewhangr

Seth Mensah

UPDATE He is now on gayromeo as
preferme and joe_kofi on gaydar

Only wants to request money - doesn't even want to pretend you are friends! Expect to get a money request in the first few minutes of conversation and to be cut off if you don't want to pay!

Lives in Tema

Yahoo: sethboi

09 April, 2009

Blackmailers and extortionists

David Ahoe

He calls himself Daniel and if you meet him you will be entering the lion's den! He's a blackmailer.

He lives in Christian Village.

His profile is currently good_in_one on gayromeo and lookingforgood on bgclive

In the past he had multiple profiles on gaydar as skinny11 or on gayromeo 1_1_1.

To find out what he is capable of, go to AFRIBOYZ Forum.

Email: dipin77@yahoo.com or honeyboy200@hotmail.com

Also James on hi5:



The French and English speaking Duvasty claims to be Ghanaian. He is on Manjam, gaydar. gayromeo and many other dating sites. A Google search for Duvasty will show you the extent of his activity.

He has called himself Duvasty Chikale, Duvasty Wisdom
amongst others.

Also looking for a woman at http://www.datanta.com/user-view_user-41336.html#iC

Recently met a foreigner then returned with corrupt police to extort money.

One of his yahoo id: duvasty_03

Tel: +233 242 782630

His family are aware of his criminal activities and support him in it.

Frank Effah

Changes his profiles on a regular basis. Currently 'sexy-and-honey' on gayromeo and 'be_serious_2' on gaydar.

Scammed a foreigner, leading to kidnap and attempted extortion. Has claimed to be a sex escort and porn star!

Now has his own laptop and internet connection in his
room. Scamming is obviously a lucrative business!

Yahoo ID: stillfaith50
Email: edinseh@hotmail.com
Tel: +233 277 08 51 17

Godwin Agomavi

Godwin Agomavi aka Godwin Listowell, son of Michael Agomavi.

gaydar profile: sonylove

Gayromeo profiles: good_your, boy_power, looking_power, good_Maste, sony_looking, boy_like, lovr_sweet

He probably has more so take care.

Godwin works hand in hand with his father, Michael Agomavi, who also engages in homosexual activity.

Once Godwin has got you into bed, the father will burst in with his gang and maybe some corrupt policeman. Michael is a nasty piece of work and we have heard that he organises the young boys at Christian Village to participate in his criminal activities. He rules with fear and threats. Godwin, not being blessed with good looks, is sexually aggressive in order to hook his victim (see 'Three arrested for fraud' in the links section). He often uses better looking men as the bait. When meeting is arranged Godwin will be present. He will be sexually aggressive, coming on very strong, in order to get the victim into bed. If you ever find yourself in his presence you should immediately make a polite excuse, without letting on you know something is wrong, and leave.

We have been informed that he drives a dark blue metallic Suzuki station car and also poses as a (gay) tourist guide. He sometimes produces a used condom as evidence.

Email: mac_godwin@yahoo.co.uk
PO Box 429 Achimota Market
Tel: +233 247 46 06 27

See 'Three arrested for fraud'

Robbin Hernman

UPDATE - seems to be offline again after a brief appearance at gayromeo.

Robbin managed to become a green card member of the now defunct Ghanafriends Club on gayromeo but didn't get further than a green card member.

He blackmailed a Norwegian man with whom he had sex costing the man US$1000 in police bribes to get free.

Many reports of him stealing from his contacts rooms.

yahoo id: robbin_hernman
The scams

If you look at the online dating sites, you will notice that many of the guys from Ghana claim to be as young as 18. Many of these people are not actually gay. The ones that are, may not be genuinely looking for what they claim. The pictures are often fake and their profiles may well be copied from other peoples.

The usual scam is to tell you a sad story and ask you to send money. For example, they may say they are orphans, could not finish their education or need money for hospital bills. These stories are usually not true. Ask yourself how these guys are able to pay to use the internet 24 hours a day.

The most dangerous scam is to persuade you to meet them. This can result in you being arrested, kidnapped and beaten up in an attempt to extort money from you.

If you are a foreigner, another scam would be a request for marriage in your country. It is very difficult to get visa's for Ghanaians, particularly the ones you meet on the internet who are young, unemployed and uneducated. Due to the economic situation, they are desperate to leave Ghana. We have heard stories of people who succeeded in getting their Ghanaian boyfriend to their country only to have them leave them for a woman.

Homosexuality in Ghana: The Legal and Cultural Situation

Homosexual behaviour is illegal in Ghana which allows criminals to use the law as a 'blackmailers charter'. Male homosexual activity is categorised under the old British colonial law instituted in the 19th Century:

Criminal Code 1960- Chapter 6, Sexual Offences Article 105:
Whoever is guilty of unnatural carnal knowledge- (a) of any person without his consent, is guilty of first degree felony;
(b) of any person with his consent, or of any animal, is guilty of a misdemeanour.

Like much of Africa, Ghana's version of religion is fundamentalist. Homosexuality as seen as a sin and that it can be 'caused' by possession of evil spirits. In this climate, rational discussion is impossible.

A recent hoax about about Ghana hosting an international conference of lesbian and gays created mass hysteria in the press and the population. Even the government were fooled and banned the fictional event.

Even so, the law is not often used to imprison people and because homosexuality is not often on people's minds, MSM's can move about fairly freely unless it is made public. It is normal in Ghana for men to hold hands, walk with arms around each other, sit on each others laps and dance together.

Identity Theft

If you do not take care people can use your pictures, ID or name in order to scam others.

Never ask someone to contact you through a friend's phone. There have been several reports of people being scammed by the person's friend. You can be held responsible.
If someone asks you to contact them through some one else's phone you should take care.

Some people claim that their photos and name are being illegally used by scammers. Always ask to see the person on cam to check they are the same person in the photos. Of course, just because they faces match doesn't not necessarily mean the person won't scam you

Travellers tips

It is advisable NOT to come to Ghana just to meet someone you met online. However, if you are travelling here and wish to meet someone then read the following advice.
  1. If you are travelling to Ghana never let anyone know the date you are arriving and your flight information. Do not allow them to meet you at the airport - you might find they arrive with the police to arrest you.
  2. If you bring them to your hotel or house you may find they will return with the police. The hotel may also alert the police.
  3. Do not go to the guy's house. They may have their gang waiting to beat you up. It is better to meet them in a public place although we have several reports of people being kidnapped in full view of the public, including on Labadi Beach.
  4. If you have sex, keep track of the used condoms - they can be used as evidence against you.
  5. Stay away from people who live in Tema, Christian Village, West Legon, West Land, Achimota and Nima. These are places known for criminal activity.
  6. Never send money. It only encourages them! Don't allow them to book your hotel, organise visas, etc. You may find you never see them or your money again.

Further Info for non-Ghanaians

Many more people are becoming aware about the locations where the scammers tend to live. These are small communities where people have shared information about scamming and have seen some lucky people benefit from it.
So now the scammers are getting wise and won't tell you these locations. So, instead of Achimota they might say Dome, instead of Tema they might say Pram Pram. These are nearby locations. So if you are not familiar with the geography of Accra you will not be aware. Caution must be taken and you can always try a Google search for the location and see if there is any information on it.